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Place: Chinese Community Church

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Middle Way Buddhist Association

4600 78th Ave., N., Pinellas Park, FL 33781-2427










Photos from Meetings



Meditation Session April 14, 2007


 Bhante Dhammawansha Teaching Wisdom Class in English




Dr. Charles Shieh Teaching Wisdom Class in Chinese



Everyone was very relaxed and had fun.




Group Photo at 8th Session with the Ven. Jian Zong

Pictures From Jian Zong Talk and Lunch

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Jian Hu Lecture and 3 Refuges Photos

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Summer Camp Photo Postcards

Camp Photos Set 2

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Say Lee's blog on 7th session


Summer Camp Photo Postcards


Discussion with Bhante June 16, 2007


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Discussion with Bhante May 19, 2007


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Photos from April 14


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 Photos From March 10


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Photos from March 3   


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The Middle Way Buddhist Association is a non-political organization run on a volunteer basis for benevolent purposes, to foster  peace, understanding and compassion among all people, without any discrimination or prejudice. All are welcome.
The Middle Way Buddhist Association is a  501(c)3 Not For Profit Organization.